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My Master List of Questions

Whether you are doing a shamanic journey, pulling tarot cards or doing some automatic writing, you may need ideas for questions. Sometimes when we are practicing we need good ideas for prompts. Because "what do I need to know" can get a little boring after the 500th time, here is my master list of questions I love to share! Want more ideas? Check out my favorite tarot spreads and automatic writing prompts for more ideas.

  • What does my pet want me to know?

  • Why did I decide to come back to this life?

  • What are my strengths?

  • What should I know about _________ (person/situation/family/finances/career)?

  • ___________ (loved one/spirit guide) wants me to know....

  • Who was I in a past life?

  • What is my biggest obstacle right now?

  • How can I help others?

  • How can I attract more __________ (money/peace/calm)?

  • How can I improve my life?

  • How can I get motivated?

  • What is my ______________ (psychic/relationship/money) bad habit?

  • What can I learn if I decide to ____________?

Check back often, I'm always adding to this list!

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