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How To: Automatic Writing & Example Prompts

Have you ever wanted to learn how to automatic write? Today's video I show you how! It's a great way to connect to your guides and ask questions. I go over what automatic writing is, a brief history of it, how to start, how you'll know if you are doing it right, then we will do a practice prompt with each other, and I'll give more prompts that you can try out. Scroll down below for more prompts to try!

Automatic Writing Prompts

Even MORE Prompts!

Self Reflective

  • I am skilled at....

  • A prayer for __________(something you'd like to attract).

  • I'm in love with my ___________ (body part you are self conscious about).

  • I want...

  • I deserve...

  • My body says...

Psychic Development & Spiritual Prompts

  • Before I lived this life...

Creative Writing

  • Behind the stars...

Remember to avoid yes/no questions ("should I/shouldn't I" are yes or no questions). Want more ideas? Check out my master list of questions and tarot spreads to explore!

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