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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What kinds of things should I see a psychic for?
    As a psychic, I am here to answer any questions you have. Psychics can look into the past, present, and future using their psychic claire's. I was trained to be able to answer any question you have (as long as its not crossing any ethical boundaries). People usually ask about life direction, career, money, relationships, making decisions, past events, etc. Things I WON'T do: tell you when you will die (no ethical psychic will ever do this), diagnose illnesses or diseases, read into anything that would cause harm to you or others.
  • How often should I see a psychic?
    I am of the belief that you shouldn't see a psychic too often. I want you to be able to trust your own intuition and feel empowered to make your own life decisions and not rely on me too often for that! I also think that if we don't allow enough time to pass, the reading could potentially look the same as a previous session, which is just a waste of your time and money. I also like to make sure that I'm forgetting our previous sessions so that I'm not coming into a new one remembering everything about the last reading. That bias can affect the ability to bring in accurate psychic messages, so it's always better for me to have a clean and fresh slate! Because of these reasons, I think waiting 2-3 months between sessions is best. However, I will acknowledge there is a gray area here. I think it's totally possible to see a psychic once a month, for instance, and talk about something new and different every time if it is truly needed. My general rule is that if we are meeting too often on the same topic (over and over again in a really short time frame) or if I feel that someone is unable to make decisions without me, I will likely encourage someone to wait a few months before seeing me again. I recently made a video to answer this question in more depth.
  • Should I see a Psychic or Therapist?
    Psychic readings are for getting more information about a situation from a divine source. Psychics are someone you should only see occasionally, only maybe 2-3 times a year max. Psychics help you read the energy of now, not so much the future. Good psychics should have some form of training under their belt and have good ethics, but not all do, because there is no governing board of psychics. In contrast, therapists will help you understand and change your thoughts and behaviors so you can function better. With therapy, you are encouraged to meet often to work on problems that may not take just one session to solve. Therapists will counsel and give you tools from an educated and analytical source. Therapists are required to follow a standard code of ethics and are required to have a certain level of training, but are more limited in what they are allowed to do. For more information, watch my video on this subject!
  • Can you read the future?
    Readings CAN be about the past, present, or future. However, I choose to do my readings from a place of focusing on what you can do today to have the future you want. Although I will look into the future, I will likely discourage you from asking about the future and instead rephrase the questions to get better answers. So what's the point of seeing a psychic if they discourage you from looking at the future? Here is my opinion surprising opinion: psychics are not here to read the future (what?!) Yes, we CAN ask about the future and we CAN try our best to get information on it. But when we do so, we remind our clients that we could be wrong and that the future can change. Just like the butterfly effect, you or someone else can make a decision at any time which could affect the course of the outcome. If you are coming to a psychic to get a 100% accurate idea of the future, you will probably be pretty disappointed, because that's simply not how it works. A good psychic is taught to read the present so you can know how to manifest the future you want. And that's exactly why I choose to always read the present and never guarantee the future. If you want to learn more, I made a podcast about this topic.
  • Do you offer free readings?
    I do not offer free readings (other than my Youtube live nights) at this time. This also includes coaching. Whether it's just a quick question, a problem that you have, or a full reading/coaching session, I do not offer my services for free. I do not respond to messages asking for me to read into something, or provide my opinions or help. Almost every request can be handled easily with a reading or coaching session, which can be booked anytime on my website! To book a reading, visit my readings tab, choose a reading, then select a date and time before purchasing.
  • Can I ask about _________________? Can you help me with my specific situation or question?
    As a psychic, yes, I can in theory answer the questions you have using my psychic ability. However, I never guarantee that I can help you, make you feel better, or give you 100% correct answers. I can't tell you what our reading will look like until I sit down to do it, and how you receive that information and if you deem it helpful (or not) is completely subjective to you. If that's not what you are looking for, I might not be the psychic for you. But if you'd still like to ask me your questions and are open to whatever comes through, feel free to book a reading! I get several emails a day and I unfortunately can't take the time to respond in-depth to them all! If you have a question about your psychic abilities or experiences, feel free to book a coaching session with me! (I also have a Patreon where you can ask psychic development questions every month!) If you have questions you want me to answer that would require me to use my abilities, book a psychic reading with me! I don't provide consulting, advice, my opinions, or readings for free, no matter how quick of a question. Any DM, message, or email I receive like this, I usually don't respond to.
  • Review my Disclaimer Before Booking
    During my readings, I say everything that I get from spirit and sometimes that might be hard to hear. Sometimes spirit has more important things to talk about, so we may not get to all of your questions. I also do not guarantee 100% accuracy, psychics can be wrong! I can read future situations, but I will always encourage looking into the present first, because the future can change. I will not predict deaths or diagnose illnesses. I also do not read other people's thoughts or emotions without their permission, that is a violation of their privacy. I expect all clients to treat me with respect and kindness during our sessions. If the client becomes hostile, disrespectful, or doesn't adhere to these boundaries, Lauryn reserves the right to stop the reading at any time with no refund. Lauryn will not be held accountable for any decisions made by recipients based on information provided during readings. All information should not take the place of any medical, legal, or financial advice given to you by any qualified professional. All contents of a reading are kept confidential. If the client is 10 minutes late for their booking, it will be considered canceled with no refund. If client wants to extend their reading, they will have to pay the balance same day. I do not offer refunds if you feel the information you heard was incorrect or irrelevant or if we did not get to all of your questions or have no more questions to ask. The only time I issue refunds is when one of us has to cancel the reading ahead of time. To cancel or reschedule, please contact me within 24 hours of your reading. I allow credits for future services or one rescheduled service. If a client cancels more than one session in a row, no more refunds will be allowed. Please note that a processing fee will be subtracted from the total refund. By paying for your reading, you have agreed to these terms.
  • Which service should I book?
    If you have questions that would require me to use my psychic, mediumship, animal communication or medical intuition abilities, book a timed reading. I only have my readings separted by length, not necessarily by subject matter. So all you need to worry about is selecting a time and you can send me your questions in the preliminary email. The length depends on how long you'd like to talk to me and how many questions you anticipate having. If you have questions about your own psychic development, book an intuitive coaching session. If you don't have questions, a premade reading might be best because I will ask all the questions for you!
  • What are prearranged readings?
    Unlike the timed readings, these are readings with questions pre-made. Lauryn looks into a specific topic with prearranged questions so you can sit back and get the guidance on a general subject matter. Lauryn does an audio recording and emails it to you after she is done with the reading. This is great for when you don't have any questions in particular or when you don't anticipate having follow-up questions. Read the description of each reading to learn more about what Lauryn will read into.
  • What timezone is my reading?
    My booking form defaults to YOUR timezone, so choose what time works best for you within my availability. If my timezone is in the middle of the night for you, just shoot me an email and I can be flexible with timing!
  • Do you have other time slots available?
    Yes! I usually can read on other days of the week. What you see available on my site is just my default hours where I know I am definately available. If you want to request another day/time for your reading, visit my contact page and send me a message.
  • Are your readings phone or video calls?
    This is up to you! When you book, you have the option to choose an emailed audio reading, a phone call, or video call depending on the length of reading.
  • Do you do readings in-person?
    I do in-person readings near Denver, Colorado depending on my availability and travel distance. I do require a minimum of an hour of reading. There is an extra fee for travel (For travel time, I would charge the same rate as a reading session of equivalent duration, but at half the price). I don't meet at my home (for privacy reasons) or coffee shops (they can be too loud or not private enough). If you want an in-person reading, please contact me directly through my website and we can agree on a date/time and payment will be required 24 hours prior. If this doesn't work for you, consider booking a remote reading via phone or video chat!
  • Can I gift a reading to a friend?
    Yes! I know have a gift card option that allows you to choose a price and a friend to send to. They can then use their credit towards any service on my website!
  • Do you have a referral program?
    Yes! If you refer a new client to me you can receive stars for my Loyalty Program! When your friend books their appointment, be sure to tell them to put your name in the referral field. I will make manually add 10 stars to your account after I complete their reading. *Note* that this is only a one-time reward per new referral, your friend can not refer you and you can not refer them more than once. However, any new contact you refer will still be eligible for another 10 stars. Be sure to remind your friends to enter your full name, this can not be retroactively applied!
  • Do you have discounts for frequent clients?
    Yes! I have a Loyalty Program that you can sign up for, earn stars, and redeem for future sessions with me. Here are the current ways you can earn stars: •Book a Session = 10 Stars •Sign up for Newsletter = 10 Stars (Scroll to the Bottom of the Home Page) •Purchase a Gift Card = 10 Stars •Refer a Friend = 10 Stars (See Previous FAQ Question for More Info) •Book a Group Event = 20 Stars
  • Do you do "emergency" readings?
    I do not do rushed or emergency readings. You are always welcome to ask if I have earlier or canceled sessions, but for the most part, my availability is what you see on my booking calendar. Learn more about emergency readings here.
  • What do your readings look like?
    I usually spend a few minutes meditating and connecting to your energy before calling you (if applicable). I then do some quick explanations on what to remember during our reading. Then we jump right into your questions or whatever spirit finds is most pressing. I mostly use my psychic abilties (I hear and I see messages) and talk back and forth with you like a normal conversation. I sometimes use tarot and oracle cards to supplement the reading. Towards the end, I check for any last messages and then disconnect the energy with you before wrapping up.
  • Do you come up with questions or do I have to bring questions?
    This is up to you! I can do a reading where I let spirit talk about whatever is most important to you and you wouldn't need to ask questions. If you do have questions, a timed reading is what most people select for more open-ended conversations. If you don't have any questions you particularly want to ask, a premade reading might be best because I come up with all the questions for you!
  • Is there a difference between video/phone/email readings?
    No, I connect the same ways no matter which platform I use. This is more for your preference, if you'd rather see me or have more privacy. This won't effect your reading, it is to provide different options for you.
  • Can I record my reading?
    Yes! I encourage downloading and testing an app before our video/phone session that records your voice for our reading. I do not record my phone and video readings for sitters anymore. It was an additional cost (both for the feature and online storage) as well as an added technical issue that took up much of my time. I suggest booking a video session, attending on your laptop or desktop, while using your phone to record the audio of the session. Please have this ready to go before our session, if it cuts into our time, I will not extend the reading.
  • Can I do a reading with my friend or partner?
    Yes! For the price of one reading, I can read up to 2 people. We will just split the time evenly or however the two of you want during the session. Any more than two people are considered a group event.
  • How specific are your readings?
    I honestly have no idea how to answer this question but I get it ALL the time. Specific is subjective and I can never tell you what a reading will look like until I actually sit down to do it. I reccomend coming into my readings with an open mind and knowing you may not get exactly what you were looking for.
  • Can you read me/my pet remotely?
    Yes! We do not have to be physically together for me to tune into your energy. I take the time to connect to your energy before our reading, photos/names always help me tune in better. This is how I am able to connect to people/pets that are deceased, it is the same basic principles.
  • Do you need a photo of me/person/animal I want to talk to?
    I don't need one but they always help! When you book a reading you will get an automated confirmation email sent to you. Feel free to reply to this email with any photos of the person/animal you want to connect to.
  • My family member/pet has passed. How soon can I book a reading?
    I always ask to wait at least a week after someone passes before contacting me for a reading. It's important that you go through your grieving process and that we let spirit "settle" on the other side. Mostly, this is to make sure you are in a place to hear the reading better.
  • Can you find my lost cat/dog?
    I can not guarantee 100% that I will find your pet. I can get things wrong, I could not connect correctly, I could pick up on a place but not know where it is in relation to you, I could find your pet but they might move before you get there, they also might not want to be found! There are a LOT of variables at play. I will always try my best but I do not EVER guarantee 100% accuracy. The most I go into location is what direction they might have headed from you (N, S, W, E) and I try to have them show me what they can see. But I'm not giving out exact gps coordinates. I only offer this as a recorded reading via email (find it under the prearranged readings on my services tab). Do NOT booked a timed session or it will be cancelled.
  • Can I ask additional questions after my reading?
    Unfortunately, when our session ends, it ends. I am always happy to answer questions if you forget maybe a term, product, or referral I gave mid-reading. However, asking additional questions that require me to use my abilities is a boundary I have to set. To answer any question, I'd need to sit down to do a reading (however short it may be). I get tons of emails and messages asking me for free advice or readings every day and if I responded to them all, I would lose a lot of time giving out readings, which would be financially and energetically draining. If you have additional questions, I encourage you to book another session in the future!
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