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Your Six Claire's: Pick a Card Reading

This is the most fun pick-a-card reading I've made yet! Each pile represents a different claire and how you can strengthen it. I go over blocks you may have as well as where exactly you should be using it. You can choose a pile by where you are drawn to most OR you can find the pile associated with a specific claire you want to strengthen! (You only see five because I combined smelling and tasting into one reading) Which card are you most drawn to? Leave it in the comments below and head over to my Youtube channel to watch!⁠

Build Your Psychic Skills Cards:

Howlite Crystal Runes:

Tarot of the Divine:

Halloween Oracle:

Shaman's Oracle:

Enchanted Map Oracle:

Letters to a Starseed:

🎥 Videos Mentioned

The Six Claire's:

Precognitive Calendar:

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