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Learn the Basics of Tarot Cards For Beginners

If you've always wanted to learn the tarot but haven't known where to start, this video is going to give you everything you need! I cover what the tarot deck is, where it came from, and how its structured. Most importantly, I teach you how to memorize the cards so you can get to reading them as quickly as possible!

Rider Waite Smith Deck:

Tarot of the Divine:

Chromatic Fates Tarot:

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - Overview

2:14 - What it is

3:28 - History

5:56 - Card Structures


8:07 - Major Arcana

10:07 - Suits

14:17 - Court Cards

17:49 - Pips

21:41 - Reading Tips

33:11 - Resources

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