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How to Have More Dreams AND Remember Them

This is part one of my four part dreaming series and a snippet of my dreaming course (coming soon)! Before we can even get into interpreting dreams, talking to loved ones or even having lucid dreams, we have to remember our dreams or even just have them in the first place! I will go over the basics of sleep cycles and what your body biologically needs to have more dreams. And then I give a ton of tips on how to have more dreams (dream incubation) and how to remember them when you wake up (dream recall). If you are still struggling I also discuss unconsious blocks that could be inhibiting your dreams. Be sure to susbcribe so you can catch my next dreaming video on dream interpretation when it goes live!

My Favorite Dream Journal:

Reading Light:

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - Dreaming as a Psychic Tool

2:38 - Sleep Cycles

5:38 - Dream Incubation Tips

12:30 - Dream Recall Tips

16:08 - Unconscious Blocks

19:30 - Decoding Dreams

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