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How to Get Rid of Spirits and Ghosts in Your Home

Follow me along to my client's home to get rid of negative spirits! This video is a combination of me teaching my process of cleansing spirits from a space and following myself at an actual client's home doing so! Knowing the importance of ritual and intention is huge when it comes to attracting or repelling negative spirits or "ghosts". I show you the tools I bring and the steps I take to understand why spirit is there, get rid of them, and empower my clients to take control of their homes.

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•Candles: (I got the ones in the video at my local store but this is a close match)

•Dragon's Blood:

•Spray Sage:

•Sage Sticks:

•Abalone Shell:

•Black Tourmaline Crystals:

•The Fairy Tale Tarot:

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - A Home with Spirits

0:49 - Intention & Spirits

1:19 - Tools I Bring

2:43 - The Power of Ritual

3:43 - Before Arriving

4:26 - Brief Steps

5:45 - What to Disclose

7:12 - Headed to the Home

9:01 - #1 Candle Intention

9:24 - #2 Tarot Cards

9:36 - #3 House Walkthrough

16:58 - #4 Relaying Information

17:19 - #5 Client Walkthrough

18:44 - #6 Placing Ritual Items

20:01 - #7 Final Reading

20:24 - #8 Closing Meditation

24:10 - Disconnecting

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