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How to Get Deeper and More Accurate Psychic Hits

The technique I talk about in this video to get deeper and more accurate psychic hits is honestly one of the big differences between bad and good psychics. There's a lot of mistakes you could be easily making when it comes to analyzing your hits and staying in your non-intuitive mind. I talk about my "going deeper" technique as well as a few others, so you can constantly be getting all of your information from a psychic source. I hope that these examples and tips help you if you feel like you are struggling to get beyond surface level or wrong psychic information.

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✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - Why It's Important

1:16 - Where You Can Go Wrong

3:30 - Example (Right Way)

4:35 - Counseling & Ego

6:24 - Going Deeper Technique

7:41 - Another Example

10:12 - How You Receive: The Claire's

11:10 - Anything Else Technique

12:42 - Interpreting Hits

13:17 - Asking Questions

13:49 - The Importance of Practice

14:30 - Past Psychic Hits

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