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How to Ask Better Psychic Questions to Get More Accurate Answers

One of the biggest problems I see when beginner intuitives try to get psychic hits is that they don't ask questions correctly. When you ask inefficient or vague questions, you get vague or even incorrect answers! In this video I'm going over my four basic rules I stick to when it comes to asking psychic questions, whether it be for tarot readings, automatic writing, or using your claire's. I also cover future timing, yes and no questions, and how to get passed your ego filter!

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✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - The Common Problem

0:47 - Uncle Example

1:44 - Problem 1

2:31 - Timing

5:03 - Problem 2

6:26 - Polarities

9:35 - Tools as a Crutch

11:46 - Problem 3

12:49 - Emotions & Psychic Hits

15:14 - Problem 4

17:01 - Beliefs and Filter

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