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Does Age Affect the Psychic Ability?

Being a younger psychic and coach, I've had a lot of experience being judged about my age. Something about not having enough life experience makes people assume that you might not be the best psychic. In this video, I'm talking about why I think life experience actually hinders your ability to read and why it should be set aside in every reading. Being a clean vessel has nothing to do with age! You could be doing psychic work for 20 years and not be a clean vessel or you could be doing it for a day and be the cleanest vessel there is!

0:00​ - Intro

0:23​ - Can you be Too Young?

2:16​ - Being a Clean Vessel

3:09​ - Counseling vs Psychic Info

4:51​ - When Psychics Counsel & Analyze

5:22​ - When Psychics Claim 100% Accuracy

5:59​ - Years Don't Always Affect Psychic Ability

8:10​ - Importance of Clean Vessel

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