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Automatic Drawing for Psychic Development

If you want to learn automatic drawing and use it as a psychic tool, check out this psychic development exercise video! Automatic Drawing is very similar to Automatic Writing in that you let information come to you from a psychic source. This could be your higher self, subconscious, a guide, or even a loved one! In this video, I'm talking about how you can do it while showing you an example of my own drawing. I also talk about how you can analyze the drawing you get and what to do if you are struggling. I also show some other ways you can use automatic drawing to connect to your creativity.

Markers I Use:

Art By You!

Thank you to those that shared their artwork with me! These are a good reminder that everyone's art is different and that's ok! Share Your Art:

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - What is Automatic Drawing?

2:54 - What You Need

3:46 - Instructions

8:49 - Trying Myself

11:06 - Analyzing

19:00 - Tips if You're Struggling

19:37 - Other Ways to Use Auto Drawing

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