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About Lauryn

My name is Lauryn and I am a psychic, medium, animal communicator and, most importantly, an intuitive coach! I provide readings and events as well as teach people how to develop their psychic abilities using my online courses, youtube videos, one-on-one coaching, and monthly practice groups.

I believe that everyone is psychic and that the psychic ability is like a muscle, the more you strengthen it, the stronger and more reliable it becomes. I taught myself to be psychic by attending the Aspen Program for Psychic Development. In this year and a half long course, I was training in person with a group of students and teachers. I had to read hundreds of volunteers, complete many hours of training and readings, and even do a gallery reading in order to graduate! I coached at the Aspen Program for a year as I continued to take other courses and build my psychic business.

If you are a credentials person, here are my certifications:

  • Aspen Program: Psychic Studies Certification 2014

  • Aspen Program: Mediumship Certification 2014

  • Aspen Program: Medical Intuition Certification 2014

  • Reiki: Second Degree 2014 (Lineage: Spirit, Mikao Usio, Dr. Chujiro Hayashi, Hawayo Takata, Iris Ishikuro, Dr. Arthur Robertson, Karen Cameron, Karen Fox Ph.D.)

  • Aspen Program Coach 2014-2015

  • Animal Communication: Heller & Thompson Course Level Three 2015

  • Shamanic Studies: Renna Shesso's Courses 2017

  • Renna Shesso's Quintessential Tarot Course 2021

Remember that credentials aren't everything, and just about anyone can make a certification. Just know that I am not self-taught from books. I've done hundreds of readings, events and classes which has given me tons of practical experience. I know I'm not for everyone, so I hope at the very least I can help you learn how to find a good psychic.

Am I the right psychic for you? You can learn more on my FAQ page and here's a bit more on my own personal philosophy:

  • I believe everyone has their own free will, which means no amount of manifesting or magic can be used to force someone to do something we want.

  • I believe the future can change, meaning that I can not tell you the future with 100% accuracy.

  • I believe that all psychics need to adhere to a code of ethics, including myself. Because of this, I try not to read clients too often or provide emergency readings. I will also not read into certain subjects, or act as a therapist or medical professional.

  • I value my own time and energy and charge for my sessions accordingly. I expect all clients to treat me with respect and kindness during our sessions.

Love it? Ready for more? Here's everything I offer!

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