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Why I Won't Dress Up as a "Fortune Teller"

I had a woman contact me last week looking to book me for readings for an event. She asked that I wear a "fortune-teller" costume, with a scarf around my head, and other very detailed clothing items. Although I'm totally game with dressing up to fit a theme, here's why I'm not ok with dressing up as a "fortune-teller".

This image is derogatory towards the people that do intuitive work. It perpetuates a stereotype of a person that is shady, who will make things up to take your money, and is frankly just insane looking. Its images like this that make people not take me seriously. Its images like this in the media today that diminishes our credibility. These stereotypes are what I have to fight against to do what I love. I try to separate myself from this image on my social media every day by telling you all that you can be intuitive, be any age, and have a normal job and life! I have a day job, I hang out with my friends, I eat too much chocolate, I stress out about money and life too. I feel like my new slogan should be "Psychics: We're Just Like You!" If you are wondering how that story ended: After kindly telling her that I wasn't comfortable with it and why, she was not happy and began to argue with me. I stopped her and let her know that I probably wasn't the right person for her event. To all the intuitives out there: don't sacrifice your morals or your values to make an extra buck. We can change this image together, one person at a time! Be you and be intuitive, that's all there is to it! My values to myself and the metaphysical community have always been and will always be strong. ✊

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