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How I Really Became Psychic

My story of discovering my psychic abilities is not like most other psychics. There wasn't a major cataclysmic event that thrust being psychic upon me. There are not horror stories from when I was a child where I had no control. My discovery was more of a slow evolution and a choice on my end to explore and learn. My story might not be inherently dramatic, but is a perfect example of showing that anyone can learn how to be psychic. It's the perfect rebuttal to all the people who believe being psychic is a gift, only given to a privileged few (insert eye roll here).


It's hard to really define a starting point for all of this to me. In 2011 my grandfather died. He was the first person I ever knew who died in my life. I spent the next two years processing his death, first, by making a movie and researching about life after death. I bought a tarot deck somewhere in there, not even knowing how to use it. My fiance's mom took me into a metaphysical store also, which felt so dangerous to me at the time, haha! Basically, there was a lot of light learning from 2011-2013. I define the start of my discovery when my dog died in October 2013. Hans was my first dog, his death hit me hard and had me reeling for 2 weeks. I was lost and couldn't get focused. I was desperate to get into contact with him, so I found the courage to go by myself to a metaphysical convention that was in town that week (even though I didn't know if I believed in psychics). I was so terrified! My intention was to walk in, get a reading, and leave as fast as I could. I found an animal communication booth and I sat down. Fate (or my guides) had brought me to Lizanne! She connected me with Hans, eased my fears, and blew my mind. There were things she said that she couldn't have known, and it was then that I knew we really could connect with energy when we pass and that our souls really did survive death.

After that reading I couldn't get enough! I picked up book after book, researched online, gobbling up as much information as I could. At the beginning of 2014, I started a documentary class in film school and decided my subject would be about psychics. I spent a semester researching and reaching out to local psychics. I didn't realize it then, but a lot of my research was misguided and my documentary reflected that. I thought I knew what it meant to be psychic but I really had no idea! On another frequent trek to my local metaphysical bookstore to find more information, a set of pamphlets caught my eye.


The brochures were advertising classes on how to strengthen your psychic skills! After cleaning the store out of all their brochures, I contacted the teacher who taught these courses, Karen Fox. I asked if I could include her in my documentary, but she was hesitant (and with good reason). She had worked with filmmakers before who tried to sensationalize the facts and scare her students. She asked me to attend a few classes myself just to get to know me better. I thought, what the heck, and said I would. I took one class and was hooked by the end. She presented the information I'd been learning about in a framework that was easy to understand. She empowered us to believe that we could learn to be psychic and that it was as easy as practicing! I promptly signed up for every single course I could and put my documentary on hold. I knew that if I was going to do this right, I needed to be in their shoes.

I studied at The Aspen Program all throughout 2014. Karen set up the program like a school curriculum with courses required in a certain order and homework that was due at every class. She was accommodating to everyone's different learning styles by giving us so many various hands-on exercises. She forced us to read people, in person! She got us past our fears, taught us to be humble, how to have

good boundaries, and practice good ethics. Her approach was to have a healthy

skepticism. That being totally in the clouds 24/7 wasn't healthy. She saw the intuitive mind as an equal to our rational thinking mind and that it was important to have a balance of both. The way she taught really resonated with me and gave me the foundation for how I do all of my intuitive work today. I graduated from the Program in December 2014 with 5 certificates: Psychic Studies, Spirit Mediumship, and Medical Intuitive, Reiki Level 1 & 2.


I knew this work was never something that I could just leave. I became a coach at The Aspen Program in 2015 and helped other students learn how to grow. This work has made my life better in so many ways and I had many powerful, life-changing experiences. I was passionate about helping others with my abilities through readings and teaching others. So I started my own psychic business at the beginning of 2015 and haven't stopped reading since! I've never stopped learning and I've taken other courses under many other teachers. I received my Animal Communication certificate in March 2015 and have been taking Shamanic courses since 2016.

Looking back now, I realize how perfectly everything fell into place. Notice how in my title I said I became a psychic? Not I was "Born a Psychic" or "Discovered my Hidden Gift". No, I learned this. I had a few experiences when I was little but I wrote them off: it was just a dream, it was just my imagination! Like many others, I told myself it wasn't real or that this didn't exist and therefore it was an intention I unknowingly set. As soon as I allowed myself to be psychic and allowed myself to learn, I broke that old intention and opened up my life to new possibilities.


It's now the start of 2017 and after some back and forth with other jobs and needing to give myself permission, I've decided to come back to the documentary that originally brought me here. The documentary started a way of me trying to prove that psychics are real, but that's not the energy I wanted for it moving forward. I've changed a lot about it and it's now turned into a web series teaching YOU how to be psychic. My passion is sharing my knowledge for this work and I want to help others create stories just like mine. Through my knowledge of film making as well as really understanding what it means to be psychic, I'm combining my two loves to bring you The Intuitive Network. I'm so excited to see where this journey leads and so happy to have all your support with me along the way!

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