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Basic Intuitive Skills Part 1

I'm so excited to announce that my first video course is completed! This series is all about how to start becoming more intuitive if you are a beginner. The actual course has been up for a while but I just finished adding all the FREE additional videos that go along with the course. These videos are even more exercises on how you can set your boundaries and remove blocks. I decided to make these additional videos so you could get a feel for me and my courses. If you love them all, consider purchasing the full course! If you've already purchased, make sure to catch up on these additional videos and pre-homework for my 2nd course.

All of the videos (and future courses) are accessible through my website. I make it easy to know what videos to watch in what order, what your homework is, and how to move to the next course. The best part? We have a Facebook Group of Intuitive Network members all practicing to strengthen their psychic ability that you can join!

The best news of all? My Basic Intuitive Skills Part 2 course is going to be online at the beginning of January!

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