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Are you an Introvert working in an Extrovert world?

If you've read my hygge blog, you probably know that I recently went to Ireland and discovered the Danish art of happiness: Hygge. Part of my reason for that trip was also for me to get away from work. I needed a break and asked my guides to show me how I could make my career better for me. I knew I loved doing psychic work for others as well as film making for small businesses, but I hit a road block with my motivation. I was exhausted by our clients, worn out by all the events I had to do, and just not feeling up to anything.

When Introverts Play in an Extrovert World

After reading the Hygge book and implementing it's principles, I got off social media, started taking better care of myself, moved past my money blocks and began to prioritize better. It was only then that I began to realize how much of an introvert I really am when it comes to my work. Being around other people drains introverts, whereas being around other people energizes extroverts. And although I love film making and psychic work, I was wearing myself out by being an extrovert. I worked directly with clients, I networked at events, I went to meetings, showed up on sets, I was teaching classes in person, reading at stores, on and on. It wasn't that the work was wrong, it was how I was approaching my work. The good news is, as soon as I realized this, it was easy for me to make a few simple changes and not only feel motivated again, but make my career fit my needs better.

When You Ask, The Universe Answers

When I left to Ireland, I asked for help, and my guides answered. However, my lesson in this is not that the answer is going to fall in your lap and make sense right away. By showing me hygge, I was able to change how I took care of myself mentally and physically, putting me into a more receptive state to hear my guide's message: you are an introvert and that's OK!! You have to trust, listen and go with whatever your guides are putting in front of you first. I could've ignored all of their signs, dismissing all this Danish stuff as not relating to my question, but because I didn't, I was able to find guidance and make a serious breakthrough in my career. You never know how the universe will communicate, so stay open, listen, and TRUST.

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