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Basic Psychic Skills Course

Join Psychic Lauryn's captivating Basic Psychic Skills series, a must-watch for both beginner and intermediate intuitive and psychic enthusiasts. Discover and nurture your inherent psychic abilities as this series equips you with essential tools and techniques, providing a strong foundation to strengthen your intuition. This course serves as a consolidated introduction to psychic development, giving an alternative to the Psychic Development Masterclass course.  

Psychic Lauryn offers practical exercises, journal entries, and supplementary YouTube videos to enrich your learning experience. This course also serves as a stepping stone to Psychic Lauryn's Animal Communication Course and as an alternative to the Psychic Development Masterclass, specifically designed for advanced readers.

Basic Psychic Skills Preview
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Part 1


An Introduction to the Course

What is Intuition?


Boundaries and Self Care

The Healthy Psychic


The Ethical Challenges of Being Intuitive

Boundaries: The Importance of Ethical Practice


How to Get Unstuck 

Removing Blocks


Part 2

psy lauryn (1).jpg


How to Be Present & Set Boundaries

Turning your Psychic Ability On & Off


Start Receiving Psychic Hits

Receiving Intuitive Information


Foundations on How to Read Anything

The Six Claire's


Reading Yourself & Others

Conducting a Reading

Part 3


Common Issues and How to Handle Them

Advanced Reading Techinques


Business Savvy Tips for Intuitives

Running a Psychic Business

Additional Videos For This Course

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