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Animal Communication Course

Welcome to the Animal Communication course, where we will delve into the fundamentals of establishing a two-way communication channel with our beloved pets. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced intuitive, this comprehensive course covers all the essential knowledge and techniques you need to master.

This comprehensive course offers a strong foundation in intuitive abilities and psychic communication with living animals. It emphasizes ethical practices, ensuring respectful and compassionate pet communication. By course completion, you'll have the skills for insightful pet readings, gained through practical experience with your own and others' pets. Engaging in course homework provides valuable practice and feedback within a supportive group. 

The course delves into distinguishing communication with living and deceased pets, equipping you with discernment tools. You'll also learn strategies to address challenging behaviors and handle stubborn pets, considering the unique challenges owners may present. Conflict resolution skills are vital for animal communicators, while guidance on supporting sick, elderly animals and assisting owners in end-of-life care is provided. Discover and strengthen your inherent intuitive abilities, forging a deeper connection with your beloved pets.


Beginners & Advanced Intuitives Welcome

An Introduction to Animal Communication


Respecting our Animal Companions

Ethics of Animal Communication


Receive Intuitive Hits from Animals

Basics of the Psychic Ability


A Step-by-Step Reading Outline

Conducting a Reading


Behaviour Resolution & Difficult Clients

Diving Deeper


End of Life Readings & Medical Concerns

Elderly & Deceased Pets

Also Included:
Talk to Your Pet
Guided Meditation

Additional Videos For This Course

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