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Animal Communication Course

This Animal Communication course will cover the basics of how to talk back and forth with our pets. Whether you are a beginner or advanced intuitive, this course will cover everything you need to know. You will learn the basics of how to work with your intuitive ability and how to receive psychic information from living animals. We will also learn how to practice good ethics when communicating with pets and their owners. By the end of the course, you will know how to conduct a pet reading and will have hands-on practice with reading other’s pets as well as your own. The homework in this course will help you get practice by joining our group where you can read each other's pets and get feedback. The course will also establish the difference between communicating with living and deceased pets and how you can tell the difference. We will also learn how to deal with difficult behaviors and stubborn pets that are causing problems. Owners can also be stubborn too, so learning how to approach readings with conflict resolution skills is important as an animal communicator. You'll also learn how to approach sick and elderly animals and how to prepare owners for end-of-life help. Everyone is intuitive and you can learn how to connect with your pets too!


Beginners & Advanced Intuitives Welcome

An Introduction to Animal Communication


Respecting our Animal Companions

Ethics of Animal Communication


Receive Intuitive Hits from Animals

Basics of the Psychic Ability


A Step-by-Step Reading Outline

Conducting a Reading


Behaviour Resolution & Difficult Clients

Diving Deeper


End of Life Readings & Medical Concerns

Elderly & Deceased Pets

Also Included:
Talk to Your Pet
Guided Meditation

Additional Videos For This Course

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