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What is Currently Blocking Your Psychic Ability?

Thank you all for your feedback on my first pick a card reading! I wanted to test it out to see if I'd enjoy doing it and I'm back with our next reading! What is currently blocking your psychic ability? Psychic blocks can be caused by all sorts of mental, physical or emotional experiences. Use this video anytime, multiple times, to hone in on what might be blocking you. And remember to use block removal techniques to remove them!

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Vinyl Background:

Block Removal Videos in this Playlist:

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - What are Psychic Blocks

1:48 - Instructions

2:45 - Card Meditation

3:21 - Pile 1

24:49 - Pile 2

48:21 - Pile 3

1:12:41 - Pile 4

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🛒 Cards Used

Enchanted Map Oracle:

Archetype Cards:

Wisdom of the Oracle:

The Shaman's Oracle:

Build Your Psychic Skills Cards:

🔮 My Favorite Psychic Development Tools:

The Psychic Workbook:

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