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Ready to Have Kids: Scavenger Hunt & Ritual

This blog goes along with my Intuitive Pregnancy video series. This is a ritual that I created that you can do with your partner when you are ready to have kids. If you haven't already watched my video, check it out below. I talk about why I created this and how you can use it to open up to the next chapter of your life as a parent.


This is a baby "scavenger hunt"! You will have to discover this new role that you’ve never had in your life: being a parent. And in doing so, you will find your kids. On this scavenger hunt, you have to find one thing for each of these numbers. Take the day to do this separately. Interpret the questions however you want and express your answer however you want. The medium is also your choice: pictures, words, letters, voice, objects, whatever helps you best describe your answer. Put them all in a box and bring them to the later part of your date.


A) Answers the list of the following questions:

  1. Something that helps me when I’m feeling stressed, irritable, or depressed is:

  2. Something your significant other will be good at as a parent.

  3. 5 words that describe (y)our life without kids:

  4. When I’m a parent, I want to be __________(one word).

  5. Goals you want to achieve when you have kids

  6. Goal for myself

  7. Goal for our relationship

  8. Goal for our family

  9. An example of when we both had good team work was:

  10. A fear I have about parenting is:

  11. Advice for your significant other as you enter this new chapter:

B) A book you want to share with your child

C) Something we are not good at together, something negative we both enable in each other

D) Something that represents your idea of an ideal childhood

E) Something that you hope your kids will appreciate or love

F) Something that you’ll miss when you become a parent

G) Sit with each word and then find something that represents the word “dad/mom” and “my child” to you

H) A drawing/painting/collage What do you want your kids to call you? I.e. Dad/Mum/Mom (This must be a drawing/painting/collage-something that can hung up)

I) Choose one activity to do with each other for 5 minutes from below (you each choose one):

  1. Play a game you want to play with your kids (doesn’t have to be board games)

  2. Give each other a 3 card tarot reading (past, present, future)

  3. Prepare a dish/snack/dessert that reminds you of your childhood

  4. Pick one crystal with each other while thinking about your future kids, see what the message is.


Come together at the end of the night. This could be over dinner or a campfire roast. The goal by sharing your scavenger hunt is to start an ongoing conversation and figure out where you and your partner are at.

  1. Start by pulling tarot cards for each other. The prompt is: What do our future kids want us to know? Interpret them together.

  2. Share all the items you each gathered on your "hunt for baby". To take this a step further, bring a box to collect all of the things you've brought.

  3. Release any negative thoughts or fears by writing them down and burning them in the fire. Place any positive thoughts into a box or envelope and say a silent prayer over it of what you hope to manifest.

  4. At the end of the night you can seal this box and come back to it when you have had your first child.

  5. Place the names of what you want to be called in a special place in your home that represents a new baby space to you.

  6. Ending the night with some good ol' fashioned hanky panky wouldn't hurt! :)

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