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Intuitive Pregnancy Series

Welcome to the Intuitive Pregnancy series! I'm talking about how you can have an intuitively connected pregnancy with both your baby and spiritual helpers. There are a lot of videos on how to take care of a baby or what to buy a baby, but what about knowing if you are ready to have kids? Or how to connect with your guides when you are feeling stuck while pregnant? This series puts a focus on your psychic ability and how you can use psychic exercises and tools to have a smoother journey. In the first video, I give an introduction to what this series will look like.

In the second video of the series, I'm talking about how you can prepare for having kids before even trying! I give 7 discussion points to consider with yourself and your partner, things you can start preparing for baby now, and a ritual to welcome in this first chapter of your life. Here is the Ready for Kids Ritual I created.

In the third video, I'm giving psychic exercises and intuitive guidance on the journey to getting pregnant! This series also follows my personal journey to getting pregnant and starting a family.

In the fourth video, I'm answering frequently asked questions about if you are pregnant or what your baby's sex is. If you are feeling the overwhelm and manic manifesting, this video is for you!

In the fifth video, I'm giving you tips and exercises as a psychic for your pregnancy, while going through mine! Yep, all nine months!

In the sixth video, I talk about the fear and lack of research many women make when choosing their birthing options. I also educate on the history of childbirth, midwives, home births, birthing centers, and hospitals and the differences between them.

In the seventh video, I talk about my tips for preparing for birth and my personal birth experience with my first son. I end with an examination on how my psychic ability impacted my birth.

For those curious about where the last video I referenced is, I actually decided not to do it as one big video! (I started recording and it just felt random and not very helpful). As my son gets older I do plan on releasing lots of smaller videos on how to deal with sensitive kids, introducing your kids to metaphysical things (cautiously), and using your intuition as a parent. I want to make sure they are well thought out and more specific to some of the things you might experience as a parent. As soon as I start creating these you should see a playlist on my Youtube channel!

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