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Changes Coming to Psychic Lauryn for the New Year

2018 was not my best year for intuitive work, I'll be honest. I made some big changes in my career and traveled a LOT, so my intuitive work was unfortunately neglected. My spiritual life suffered immensely because of it. I was much more stressed, totally disconnected & un-grounded, and not tapping into guides who could help me. I sat for a long time at the end of last year, thinking about what I wanted differently and a big intention I set was to give my intuitive work much more attention in 2019.

At the same time, I didn't want to go into the new year trying to tackle too much. "Chillpreneuer" is my new identity, being efficient with my time, not splitting my attention between a million things, and avoiding burnout is what I'm about now. Here's some guidance I got from my spirit guides when I was meditating on my resolutions:

It's ok to focus on just one [marketing] platform.

I heard this in the bath one night while tuning into my guides and thought what you are probably thinking: no way! The best brands send newsletters, post once a day on Instagram and Facebook, tweet every hour, and comment every day. But then I stopped to think, I know that the best of those accounts are run by a team of people who work at that job literally 24/7. And I think I can do that alone on top of everything else on my list? Looking back at last year, I know I can't. I quickly took this guidance and felt a huge sense of relief.

In my psychic work, I've decided to just focus on one social media platform. Isn't it better to give one your full attention than four only a quarter of your attention? This revelation is also my note to you on the changes you'll see with my work: I will mostly be focusing on my Video Courses & YouTube channel this year, trying to get more subscribers to support my work as an intuitive. Instagram & emails will probably be silent, and my Facebook page only used a little. The accounts won't be deleted, but rather on hold, for when I can dedicate more time (or get help) managing them. In the meantime, I hope you subscribe to my YouTube page & I hope to be posting videos often! If you are new to my YouTube channel, start here:

Intention: I will have 1,000 YouTube Subscribers by July 2019!

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