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A Spirit Guide Reading for 2018

2017 was a tough one, am I right? I don't know about you all, but besides getting married, 2017 was particularly a rough year for me. So when 2018 started approaching, I was ready to send it away in style! I did a winter solstice ritual, threw a New Years Party, and spent some time setting my intentions before I did anything else! Instead of my weekly tarot reading, I decided to ask our guides what we need to know going into 2018. I spent a little bit of time every day for the last week just being open to any messages they had for us and 4 big themes came through:

You KNOW what needs to happen this year, you have all the solutions. You are your own guide. Follow your intuition and trust your gut in every area of life this year. No one knows you better than you know yourself.

1. You CAN

I crossed paths with 3-4 people in the matter of two days who all came to me with their stories of woe: "I can't ______ until I have a bigger house", "I can't dress well because _______", "I can't _______ until I have more money", you name it, they had a reason (if not many) on why they couldn't. I could feel how frustrated their guides were at for saying "I can't" all the time. It took everything in me to not reach out and shake them, saying "But you can!". It's less about the goal or outcome, and more about the intentions they are unknowingly setting. It was pretty clear to me that they were using "I can't" as an excuse from educating themselves, taking the first step, or simply just doing the work. If you want to succeed and break through that barrier, I CAN, is your new mantra. Or even "I'll try" is just as good, but don't set yourself up for failure from the get go. Stop painting yourself as the victim, 2018 has no room for self-limiting talk!

2. Identify Your Money Blocks & Get Past Them!

Everyone has blocks at some point in their lives: psychic blocks, relationship blocks, even money blocks! A money block is anything that you say or do to prevent yourself from making money. This all comes down to intentions and what you tell yourself about money. As soon as you recognize the silly things you tell yourself and change the dialogue in your head, you'll realize that you were the only one in your way and you open yourself up to more abundance! Here are a list of common money blocks and how you can rephrase them to create success. (Video on this coming soon)

  • Change "I can't become rich because rich people are bad people" to "I can be rich and still be myself".

  • Change "I don't have the education to make more money" to "I can learn as much as anyone with an education through research and/or experience".

  • Change "I have to work hard, long hours to make more money" to "I make money without sacrificing my freedom".

3. You Choose How To Respond

Everything that happens in life is inherently neutral. We choose if we want to respond negatively or positively. Someone cuts you off in traffic: you can yell at the person, honk and curse OR you can brush it off, turn up your music, and smile. This is an extremely hard pattern to correct. I remember when I first started doing this it felt almost impossible, but the more I caught myself, the more I corrected myself. Now when someone starts yelling at the clerk in line at the bank, I decide "not my shit, not my problem". Our guides made it clear that our happiness this year is completely rooted in how we choose to react to situations around us.

4. Its Time To Upgrade Friends

Upgrading friends is telling the universe that you want better people in your life. This could mean setting better boundaries with your current friends or setting intentions for the type of friends you want to attract. I almost left this one out but our guides are being very strong on this. If we want to move forward to that next big step in our lives, we need people that will support us, not drain or hold us back. 2017 we allowed ourselves to be stepped on by our friends, but now you deserve friends who will reciprocate and initiate. This doesn't excuse you from being a good friend yourself, we are just seeking an equal balance from both parties.

2018 is going to be a great year for you.

The biggest thing about intention setting is to not beat yourself up if you mess up. Giving up completely is worse than skipping a day or two here and there! Take some time this week to set your intentions for the year and put them in a place where you can see them. Anytime you want to make a decision, ask yourself, is this in line with who I want to be in 2018?

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