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How Ireland Led Me to Hygge (hoo-gah): The Danish Art of Happiness

I know, it sounds a little silly that me traveling to Ireland made me feel closer to Denmark, but guys, you have GOT to know about Hygge (pronounced hoo-gah).

I would say that hygge has changed my life, but it was pretty much already my life. Hygge is more of a state of being than a specific thing, its that warm cozy feeling. Like when you are curled up in a blanket reading your favorite book, drinking a warm coffee with a friend, cooking your favorite dinner in a warm lit room, or sitting by the fireplace watching the snow fall outside. It's about finding happiness through atmosphere, experience, and cake (the cake being of serious importance).

Ireland: The Land of Sweaters and Potatoes

My husband and I took a vacation to Ireland in October, where we tried to see as much of the country as we could in a week. Summing up our experience; Ireland was drizzly and cold, there was sheep everywhere, and pubs were filled with people eager for a glass of whiskey. When we came home, I journaled and saved photos about how Ireland felt to me, so I could remember what it was like being there. Then I started to come across the words "slow living" and "hygge". Whether it was on Pinterest, Facebook, or a travel magazine, my guides were clearly trying to tell me something about Denmark. And I'm so glad that I followed their little nudges!

Why Every Day Should be a Hygge Day

After picking up The Little Book of Hygge, not only have I talked everyone's ear off about it, it has become my bible. At its core, it encourages a more mindful and a slow way of living. It's about narrowing your list down to only what is needed and saving the rest of your time for self care. It also made me more aware of how lighting, our food, and close friendships can affect our day-to-day lives. It made me decide to limit my social media use and I've been seeing my friends more often because of it! I'm getting more done every day, but also prioritizing what is really important to me more efficiently. And my favorite part: allowing myself to have a little more cake in my life.

Ok, maybe not that much cake! Check out my video that I made about the 6 principles of Hygge!

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