Host the Archangels at your Home!

I did a private reading a few days ago and felt the urge to recommend this exercise with my client. Afterwards, I felt drawn to do it again myself. But then I though, why not share it with everyone else?!

This chain email was sent to me a few months ago and I absolutely loved this exercise! This is a 5 day "Hosting of the Archangels". You start by following a few tasks to invite them into your home and each day you work with the angels in various areas of your life. You set the intent for them to help you, answer your wishes and prayers, and meditate and be present with them.

At the time of receiving this email, I wasn't too sure I believed in angels. I grew up with very confusing religious beliefs and rejected Christianity because of the people I associated it with. I had angels appear to me before in readings but I wondered if they were maybe just guides appearing as angels for my client to feel more comfortable. I didn't know what I was in for!

As soon as the angels were in my home, I could feel that everything was much lighter and happier. I would check in on them psychically and they'd be working with the energy of my fridge (to encourage healthier eating), or my cat's stress level, or trying to mend relationship problems between my fiance and I. I also found that even though one angel was the angel of "abundance" or "knowledge" they differ on what they help people with from person to person. There are 5 angels in this exercise you will work with over the course of 5 days, so I thought why not work with one angel a day? (This isn't a requirement) I worked with Archangel Michael the first day and he told me that he would use light to communicate with me. Over the course of the next couple days, we had 6 to 7 light bulbs blow out! They were brand new!!! I meditated with each archangel every night and got valuable information on myself, the world, and how I can connect with them better. Let's just say I'm a strong believer now!

Check out the full exercise below!


This Archangel experience has been paid forward since 2010, beginning in New York, inspired by the movie “Pay It Forward.”

In 2010, IMIRI, a German medium, experienced a visit by some unnamed chosen angels, highly placed in the angel hierarchy, for her to be inspired by the film ‘Pay it Forward.’ It has been said that by the 20th repetition the whole world could be affected, so large is the exponential function. It is the Archangels’ desire to go out and for five consecutive days stay and work with three individuals and help them to fulfill three personal wishes. After this, each individual will send the angels on to three new individuals, who have said “YES” to receiving them. The angels will stay five days, then take a period of five days break and rest, and then continue on to the next three new hosts. A complete day is 24 hours.(Please note nothing physical will arrive at your home other than whatever blessings the angels bring to you).


There are five Archangels involved with this experience--Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron. I suggest that you do some homework on these Archangels before you host. Here’s a short bit to help you:

Archangel Michael – Head Archangel. Name means “One who looks like God.” Clears toxins associated with fear, assists in people’s life purpose and career path. Abundance, protection, defense, power, justice and strength.

Archangel Gabriel – Brings good news in abundance, discerning messages received and what we give out. Messenger between Heaven and Earth. Communication, Writing & Art. Balance of energies.(Note from Sage: I had a miraculous healing of a serious disease instantaneously by Gabriel so apparently s/he also helps with healing! Gabriel can be male or female.)

Archangel Raphael – Healer of mind, thoughts, body and soul, custodian of The Tree of Life (Kabala). God’s Physician.

Archangel Uriel – Enlightenment, heals every aspect of your life, unconditional forgiveness. Peace.

Archangel Metatron – Looks after children, led the children of Israel out of the wilderness. Can transmute time and space. Sacred geometry.


It requires some preparation. The prep is simple and easy to follow. The Archangels stay with you for 5 days, bringing healing, support and much more to assist you and your journey. Here is the information that will prepare and assist you in the hosting of the five Archangels.

Prepare a little altar with:

1. A white flower (natural, not artificial)

2. A candle that will stay lit all the time they are with you (except when out/asleep). You can alternate between a real candle and the battery operated candle. A real candle must be lit for the last day (which will make sense when you read on). Light your candle shortly before they arrive to show them they are being called and welcomed. It is to be left lit when you are at home (preferably all the time day & night when awake/home). When you go out or go to bed, extinguish it and re-light when you come home/awake again. (For fire safety)

3. Place a sealed envelope containing a letter with three wishes alongside the candle and flower. The three wishes should be one for Mother Earth, one for family and one for you. Formulate wishes in a clear and concise way. Not too much detail, summarize. Leave the details for the Archangels to work out. Lay the envelope near your candle and white flower.

4. On the sealed envelope, you will put an apple* (or you can choose something more suitable if you like) that you will eat only after they leave. It will have special healing energy impregnated into it.

5. The house must be clean and tidy; much like you would have if you were receiving guests. Then you will welcome and host the Archangels. They always arrive at the new place on the agreed day at 10:30 pm and leave five days later at 10:30 pm.


When they arrive at your home at 10:30 pm, you are to open the front door and read this greeting: “Hello and Welcome Archangels to my home, you were sent to me from October 22, 2016 thru October 27, 2016 (change this date to suit your own needs) at 10:30 pm , by Lauryn.”


You may sit with them, pray, meditate, contemplate, ask for insight, and talk to them or whatever you desire. Keep in mind that by hosting the five Archangels, Michael, Gabriel, Raphael, Uriel and Metatron, you are assisting them to serve humanity, Mother Earth and all universes in more direct ways and they thank you for your willingness to participate.

It is an honor and a gift to allow your family and home to be imprinted with their LIGHT, but it does ask for your personal participation. From the moment of arrival on, the Archangels make things happen. It is recommended to regard the five days as a special time to give room for the vibration of higher energies to re-align many things. For some, this may mean you want to ask questions or meditate with them or it may be difficult to find more than a fleeting quiet moment in your busy day, however remember, there is no limitation, TRUST. You can also ask them to simply go with you through the day.


When it’s almost time for them to leave (just before 10:30 pm), walk outside with your candle and express your gratitude to the Archangels for all they have brought to you. Wish them a good trip and give more thanks and good wishes, as they journey on to spread their hope, light and love to others. (If you don't have three people to send the angels to, its totally ok. What you can do is send it to three people even if you don't have their permission. You can send it to a neighbor, a friend or loved one you don't speak to, or even a group of people in need. They may not notice the angels or host them themselves but they will only benefit from their energy!) When you send them on, “I am very grateful to each of you for purifying and bringing Peace to this place and to the beings here at all times. I am very grateful to you for bringing harmony, joy and serenity to all of us. I am very grateful to you for fulfilling my wishes and answering my prayers. Thank you!” Or say the prayer that feels right to your own heart.


Burn the envelope with YOUR wishes in it. This frees up the energy and allows the wishes to manifest. Take the ashes and throw them in a stream of water (not stagnant water). If you don’t live near a stream, the sink is acceptable as the water will be recycled to Mother Earth, OR, put it out into the wind.


Eat your apple (or other food); it will contain lots of good nutrients, and more, for you. Place the flower outside directly on Mother Earth so that it recycles in a natural way.

A special note from Rev. Sage Taylor Kingsley-Goddard, CHT, RM:

If you can't find one white flower, the angels have told me that any flower will do. They also enjoy entire bouquets! And whatever other offerings feel right to you! And feel free to use YOUR OWN WORDS when welcoming, thanking and communicating with your angels. Whatever is from your heart is perfect. *And if you can't eat an apple, use something else you can eat. For example, Sage says my mom can't eat apples so she is using chocolate! We have heard wonderful reports from people hosting the Archangels, including one host whose son’s life was saved from what could have been a fatal car accident when he rolled his car, and he was completely unharmed! (she felt this was due to the hosting of the archangels at the time!). Many people have had other unexpected blessings, special spiritual dreams or even healing miracles. Or your experience may be more subtle like a feeling of a “loving presence” with you and whoever lives with you..*Also, some who host the Archangels find that other angels & archangels also show up to add blessings (e.g. Ariel, Sandalphon, etc.).

Enjoy your special time with the angels! You can always host them again yourself.* You do NOT need to be home the whole time the angels are with you. You DO need to be home to welcome them at 10:30 pm when they arrive, and 5 nights later. You can bring the angels with you to work. One person even brought them to Disneyland! (She said they loved it!)* Don’t worry, your angels also can and will be with you before and after their special visit. They don’t have to “leave” necessarily. They can be in multiple places at once but you will have a special experience of connection with them during this 5 days when you honor them. Enjoy your beautiful angels!

An added note from Sage:

Sometimes I have thought, I don't WANT to tell them to leave my home. Please stay, angels! So this last time when I hosted, I did not tell them to leave. I directed and lovingly invited them and I said, "And if you desire to do so, please continue to stay here and bless this home and everyone here, you are always welcome and loved here and wherever we go. Whatever is for the Highest good. Thank you so much. I love you!"

And that felt really nice. I am keeping the candle burning on their altar most of the time from now on and I feel like there is still going to be a special boost, a special festiveness and power when they come for an official host visit. Yet I also feel that some of them at least (certainly AA Michael and Raphael, and I think also Gabriel and Metatron now too) are just here to stay. Isn't it wonderful how there are no limitations at the level of Spirit? The angels can be everywhere at once! There is no diluting of their power. They can do anything! Love you, angels!!!!

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