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Big Changes Coming to Lauryn's Intuitive Services & The Intuitive Network

Have you ever had one of those downloads of knowing, where the answer you've been searching before hits you like a lightning bolt? And you can't sleep until you get up and write it down? Well that was me last night!

I run 3 companies simultaneously: Liquid Luck Productions, the Intuitive Network, and Lauryn's Intuitive Services. I write, produce, direct, and edit films for small business clients at Liquid Luck Productions with my husband. At Lauryn's Intuitive services I make weekly vlogs, do readings and teach classes locally. And I make weekly videos for the Intuitive Network and produce//film/edit new video courses for that as well. Oh! And I also do sales and marketing for all 3 companies. Let's just say I've stretched myself thin over all of my companies. Call me the serial entrepreneur.

I've been getting all sorts of guidance over the past month on how I need to delegate my time better, cut back on what's not important, etc. And yesterday as I was making my regular social media posts for the day, it hit me:

Why can't I combine Lauryn's Intuitive Services and The Intuitive Network?

My guides slapped me in the face with this question and then immediately gave me an answer on how to combine both. Instead of splitting my time in half between these two companies, why can't I give my full attention to one? I'm sure some of you have thought this exact thing, but it never occurred to me before. The Intuitive Network had a messy start (I talk about it in a previous blog) and was completely separate from my psychic business. But as I improve both companies, the more they are becoming the same. Now at The Intuitive Network I'm teaching you how to be psychic and at Lauryn's Intuitive Services I'm being psychic whereas before one was a documentary and the other a service.

Honestly, I don't know how I didn't see it before. And I'm surprised no one else suggested it to me. It's probably been confusing for you all to see me promoting 2 different platforms with practically the same purpose! My reasoning behind keeping them separate came from me basically not giving myself permission. I felt that my teaching and readings had to be separate, that I had to include other coaches to become a coach myself, and that I had to teach everything, even if it wasn't my area of expertise.

What to Expect

-Both companies will be combined (this includes the youtube, instagram, facebook, twitter, pinterest, and periscope accounts). Trust me, you'll appreciate having Lauryn all in one place, haha!

-New Website (and new look) containing the best of both websites! You'll have my online classes, my blogs on guidance, reading services and local events, and my Youtube videos all in one spot!

-I will operate under "Psychic Lauryn" but also still use the name "Intuitive Network" somehow, not quite sure on that one yet.

-I will point you to when a certain account is closing and where to go to subscribe to a new one.

-The forum that was once part of the Intuitive Network will become my Facebook Page Group. Ask me questions about my courses, guidance, or any upcoming classes.

-All Lauryn, all the time! No more outside coaches and I know I'm going to lose people because of this. I know some are less interested in my coaching or less interested in me as a psychic. But there's never a lack of abundance. As I finetune my image, I know I will attract the people that like my new brand!

Thank You

I know that I've had so many changes to these companies and I want to thank those of you for hanging in there with me! It's hard to try and build a business around something you've literally never seen modeled before. Not only is what I do taboo, I'm doing it on the ever-changing platform of internet marketing. I am really excited about these changes, I feel like this is exactly the next step I need to make! I've been feeling like I can see so much clearer thanks to my spirit guides! Every time I make a change like this, I never consider it a step back. I really see all the changes slowly improving the company, the services you get, and my ability to be a better coach and intuitive!


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