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Tips for Doing Intuitive Work Full Time

Follow me on my journey to becoming a full time intuitive worker! I've been a psychic reader and coach since 2014 and its taken me a long time to grow my business! In this video I break down the years I've been in business and where I went wrong and where I went right. I break down my yearly incomes, YouTube analytics, and how I market myself as a psychic. I give you my top marketing tips and things you should definately be avoiding. I hope that this empowers you to believe that you can do this work full time and give you some shortcuts to get there!

Mentioned in Video:

Cathrin Manning:

Sunny Lenardduzi:

Get Rich Lucky B*tch:

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - Intro

1:32 - Charging for Your Work

2:37 - Doing it for Fun (2014-2016)

5:16 - Tip #1

6:33 - Serious But Confused (2017-2019)

10:01 - Tip #2

11:32 - Tip #3

14:00 - When I Got Serious (2019-2021)

14:42 - YouTube Deepdive

18:30 - Tip #4

25:16 - Tip #5

26:54 - My 2021 Earnings

31:08 - Is it Worth It?

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