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Seeing Auras: Understand Their Meaning

Seeing Auras: Understand Their Meaning Sit tight, this is a long one, but this video is ALL about auras! What are auras? What can they tell you about a person? What do aura colors and symbols mean? I'll talk about seeing them with your clairvoyance ability but also with all of your other claires! I walk through all the colors and symbols you might see and their meanings. I show how to do an aura reading with several types of techniques including your claire's, drawing, and automatic writing. I'll also talk about the placement and medical intuitive implacations of auras. Then I get to analyzing all of the above as well as what to do if you sense other people's energy. By the end of this, you should have everything you need to read your and others auras!

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - Intro

0:50 - What are Auras?

1:47 - Types of Information

3:10 - Can You Only See Them?

3:55 - Colors and Symbols

5:48 - Color Meanings

10:32 - Symbol Meanings

11:52 - Medical Hits


12:25 - Protection & Permission

14:41 - Reading Clairvoyantly

17:32 - Reading with Other Claire's

21:06 - Draw Auras

24:29 - Automatic Write Auras

25:04 - Imagine Auras


25:46 - Analyzing Colors

28:03 - Analyzing Symbols

28:22 - Analyzing Placement

30:37 - Analyzing Time

31:09 - Analyzing Spirits & People

33:09 - Reading Your Aura

33:39 - Aura Cleansing

34:29 - Practice with Me!

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