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Interpreting Psychic Hits

What does it mean?! You have a dream or a gut feeling or maybe a sudden download from a spirit. But you have no idea what it means! Here are my three tips to figuring out what an intuitive hit might mean. I dive into how to interpret the language your guides use to talk to you and how to understand what psychic symbols might mean. Is what you are seeing or hearing or feeling a symbol or literal? What's going on that made you get an intuitive hit? Dream interpretation books or animal guide books aren't always helpful, trust your gut instead! Use these tips in the future to understand those psychic hits better in the moment!

0:00​ - Common Problems

1:00​ - Three Indicators

1:53​ - Symbol vs Literal Hits

3:09​ - Symbol Interpretation & Language

5:13​ - Interpreting with Books

6:41​ - Timing & Circumstance

9:14​ - Getting Future Information

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