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Engaging Your Psychic Mind: A Right Brain Analogy

This analogy about your psychic intuitive mind has stuck with me and really helped me understand what is a psychic hit versus what is my own thoughts. Using the left brain, right brain analogy can help you be a better reader and give better intuitive (not logical) advice. We can still strengthen our abilities when we aren't doing psychic games or exercises simply by engaging the intuitive, right-brain mind. I also give tips on little non-psychic exercises you can do to engage your right brain throughout the day.

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - A Psychic Analogy

1:30 - Left Brain

2:33 - Right Brain

4:06 - Psychic or Your Thoughts?

4:48 - How it Affects Readings

6:13 - Engaging the Right Brain

7:28 - Exercises

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