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Are Orbs Real?

As a psychic medium and filmmaker, I've been both skeptical and optimistic about whether or not orbs are real. In this video I'm recreating orbs to show you common myths about lighting and cameras. I also look at some photos you all sent in to see whether or not they are real! But as always, I'm also showing you how you can use your intuition and connect to spirits, because yes, they are real! And maybe those orbs are too!

✨ Chapters ✨

0:00 - What I Think of Orbs

1:55 - Orbs?

2:35 - Culprit 1

5:07 - Culprit 2

9:09 - Culprit 3

12:27 - None of the Above?

13:27 - The Proof Problem

15:05 - Breaking Down Photos

20:37 - Intuition Above All Else

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