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New Videos for Basic Psychic Skills (Pt. 2) Course!

If you are new to my work, I am an intuitive coach who loves to teach you how to do what I do. The liberation in being able to read yourself, connect to guidance, and read others (if you so choose) is one of the greatest gifts the universe can give. Not only am I a filmmaker, but I am passionate about setting a standard for psychic work everywhere. Currently, I have two paid courses available for purchase on

These courses are jam packed with information (click on the links above to learn more). What's even better about these courses is that I provide a ton of additional exercise videos, FREE to anyone to access on my YouTube channel. You can check out the additional exercise videos for Part 1 on the course page above or on my Youtube Playlist. I just wrapped up the additional videos for Part 2 this week and you can also find those on the course page or the Youtube Playlist.

Here is just one of the new videos where I coach my friend Rob on how to use his claigustance skills (psychic tasting).

For those who have taken the course and have been patiently waiting, thank you! If you haven't heard of my courses, look into them if you want to learn how to strengthen your psychic ability! The next course I want to release (besides Advanced Psychic Skills) is Animal Communication! Subscribe to my channel or newsletter to be notified as soon as its live on udemy!

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