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Psychic to Psychic: Animal Communication with Lizanne Flynn

An Interview with Lizanne Flynn at the Animals iView

Visit Her Website:

This is an ongoing series that I've started called Psychic to Psychic. The idea originated because well, I just don't know everything in the metaphysical community! So I am inviting people onto my channel to introduce you to different spiritual practices that can be incorporated into the psychic ability. This episode is all about animal communication, animal spirit guides and being a better person for our animal companions! If you've ever been curious about how to tune in better with your animal friends, check out my interview with Lizanne. Lizanne is an animal communicator, medium and psychic. Check out her links below.

0:00​ - Introducing Lizanne

4:43​ - How Animals Introduce Us to Our Intuition

8:41​ - What Lizanne's Sessions Look Like

12:00​ - When People are the Problem

13:17​ - A New Perspective after Animal Readings

15:45​ - Do Pets Come into our Lives for a Reason?

22:51​ - Where do our Pets go when they Die?

29:18​ - Can our Pets become Guides?

31:48​ - Animal Guides vs Animal Spirit Guides

36:52​ - Reading Animals vs. People

42:47​ - Tips for Connecting with Animals

46:44​ - Nothing Happens in a Vacuum

49:24​ - Being Better for our Animal Friends


Twitter: @LizanneFlynn

Instagram: lizanne.flynn

FB private group, The Animals' iView -

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