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Lost Pet Reading

A recorded reading to learn more about a lost pet.

  • 15 minutes
  • 50 US dollars
  • Email

Service Description

*This is an emailed audio recording reading!**This is an emailed audio recording reading!* Please send Lauryn a photo of your pet and any information on the last time you saw them. Lauryn will send a 15-minute recorded reading via email. Lauryn will try to understand what happened, if they are still around, and why they may have disappeared. Lauryn will try to pick up on a general direction and ask how you might find them. Lauryn will also give additional advice on how to know when to stop searching and how to find peace while you wait. Lauryn will communicate anything you want to your pet, but follow-up questions will not be answered. DISCLAIMER: I am longer offering this as a one-on-one reading, only emailed. I can not guarantee 100% that I will find your pet. I can get things wrong, I could not connect correctly, I could pick up on a place but not know where it is in relation to you, I could find your pet but they might move before you get there, they also might not want to be found! There are a LOT of variables at play. I will always try my best but I do not EVER guarantee 100% accuracy.

Cancellation Policy

I do not offer refunds if you feel the information you heard was incorrect or irrelevant or if we did not get to all of your questions or have no more questions to ask. The only time I issue refunds is when one of us has to cancel the reading ahead of time. To cancel or reschedule, please contact me within 24 hours of your reading. I allow credits for future services or one rescheduled service. If a client cancels more than one session in a row, no more refunds will be allowed. Please note that a processing fee will be subtracted from the total refund.

Contact Details

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