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YouTube Memberships Now Live!

My memberships are live! Think of these as added monthly perks you can get on my Youtube channel (sort of like Patreon)! Click the blue "Join" button on my channel to learn more.

-$0.99 Stand Out: Badges and Emojis next to your name!

-$4.99 Member-Only Lives: Monthly live events could be live readings, Q&A hangouts, or psychic exercise nights!

-$9.99 Member-Only Videos: Exclusive educational, exercise, or reading videos based on members' questions or requests!

-$24.99 Monthly 5 Min Reading: Ask Lauryn one question a month, she will email you a personalized audio reading.

-$49.99 Monthly 15 Min Reading: Ask Lauryn up to 3 questions every month with a personalized emailed audio reading.

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