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How to Read Astrodice (Astrology) PLUS Printable Instructions

When I bought my first set of astrodice, it didn't come with instructions, nor could I find any online! I watched a few videos but no one really explained how to weave a story together from the dice. So I rolled up my sleeves, used my astrology knowledge, and made instructions for you all to use! Watch the video below for instructions and practice!

Astrodice Instructions
Download PDF • 1.09MB

In this video, I'm showing you how to read astrology dice individually and all together to answer intuitive questions! I give the basics on the dice set, what the different planets, signs, and houses are, and how to weave the three together to get a full picture intuitively. I also walk through several examples and give you a reading to practice on right now!

Cheapest Astrodice (several color options)

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